TeensLoveHugeCocks - Haley Reed - Face Fuck Your Fears

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    TeensLoveHugeCocks - Haley Reed (Face Fuck Your Fears)

    Source: 1337x

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    So I had an awkward situation unfold: I was over at my girlfriend’s place while she was out and her little sister Haley Reed came into the kitchen and started flirting with me. This was surprising because we went out one time, and this blonde-haired, blue-eyed prude wouldn’t even kiss me. But then Haley confessed a secret I didn’t know about at the time: she was afraid of me, because her friends had spread rumors about my great big dick. I was embarrassed at first, but Haley said she wasn’t afraid any more and she grabbed at my crotch, needing it all for herself. I forgot all about her sister when Haley wrapped her lips around my cock and showed me she’s the town blowjob queen, sucking and stroking and slobbering on my shaft. I knew she didn’t just want a taste, though: I stuck the whole thing deep in Haley’s honeypot and fucked her pussy in doggystyle and every other way I could until she was demanding my cum across her face. I think we both learned something today: I learned Haley’s the hotter sister, and Haley learned to facefuck her worries away!

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