No Way Back Hard Rock Assemblage

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    FolderNo Way Back Hard Rock Assemblage
    File001. Eclipse - No Way Back.mp3
    File002. Daxx & Roxane - Girl Next Door.mp3
    File003. Arf of Anarchy - 1000 Degrees.mp3
    File004. All but One - Persistence.mp3
    File005. Delta Shade - War Is Over.mp3
    File006. Battle Beast - Straight To The Heart.mp3
    File007. Adrenaline Rush - Breaking the Chains.mp3
    File008. Twin - Monstertruck.mp3
    File009. Humanimal - Turn Away.mp3
    File010. Osukaru - Voices In the Dark.mp3
    File011. Delta Shade - Blue Sky Black.mp3
    File012. Kharma - Angel Eyes.mp3
    File013. Avi Rosenfeld - Caesars.mp3
    File014. Royal Blood - I Only Lie When I Love You.mp3
    File015. Great White - This Is the Life.mp3
    File016. Athame - With Me.mp3
    File017. Astral Doors - God Is The Devil.mp3
    File018. Iron Mask - Magic Requiem.mp3
    File019. Deep Purple - One Night In Vegas.mp3
    File020. Crazy Lixx - Shot With A Needle Of Love.mp3
    File021. Earth Electric - The great vast.mp3
    File022. Gut-Scrapers - The Road.mp3
    File023. At The Drive-In - Governed By Contagions.mp3
    File024. Cain - Yokai!.mp3
    File025. Wicked Tone - Confusion.mp3
    File026. Four Trips Ahead - Good Times Goodbye.mp3
    File027. Bussard - Herzen Im Sand.mp3
    File028. Saturn - Linkan's Delight.mp3
    File029. Nasty High - Ride On.mp3
    File030. Deep Purple - The Mule (Live in Gaevle).mp3
    File031. Celldweller - Too Many Tears.mp3
    File032. Cellador - Off The Grid.mp3
    File033. Emerald - Black Machine.mp3
    File034. Hexx - Dark Void of Evil.mp3
    File035. Radiation Romeos - Like an Arrow.mp3
    File036. Harem Scarem - One Of Life's Mysteries.mp3
    File037. Sonic eclipse - The Mozambique song.mp3
    File038. Uriah Heep - Easy Livin'.mp3
    File039. Liv Sin - Godless Utopia.mp3
    File040. Art Nation - When Stars Align.mp3
    File041. Silverstein - Aquamarine.mp3
    File042. Kublai Khan - Belligerent.mp3
    File043. Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies.mp3
    File044. Newman - High Tonight (Aerial).mp3
    File045. Pastor Brad - Knocking on Your Heart Again (A Parody of Rock You Like a Hurricane).mp3
    File046. Belphegor - Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration.mp3
    File047. Leon Paul-Phillips - Turnham Green.mp3
    File048. Days Of Jupiter - You Can't Erase Me.mp3
    File049. Sonic State Capital - The Great War, Pt. I Prologue, Pt. II Heroes, Pt. III War.mp3
    File050. Wolfpakk - Wolves Reign.mp3
    File051. Stass - All Roads Lead to Hell.mp3
    File052. Yasi Hofer - Crossfire.mp3
    File053. Ensiferum - Feast with Valkyries.mp3
    File054. Snakecharmer - Hell of a Way to Live.mp3
    File055. Black Country Communion - The Crow.mp3
    File056. Last Revelations - This House Is Not Mine Anymore.mp3
    File057. Torous - Close My Eye.mp3
    File058. Jasta - Chasing Demons (feat. Howard Jones) (feat. Howard Jones).mp3
    File059. Harem Scarem - No Regrets.mp3
    File060. Nitrogods - Wheelin'.mp3
    File061. Hell In The Club - A Melody, A Memory.mp3
    File062. Hellectrokuters - Against All Odds.mp3
    File063. Daniel Trigger - Do You Know Who I Am.mp3
    File064. Purpendicular - End of Pain.mp3
    File065. Nickelback - For The River.mp3
    File066. Rhino Bucket - It's a Sin.mp3
    File067. Pistol Pete - Last Hand.mp3
    File068. Hush - Mirrors.mp3
    File069. Vapors of Morphine - Sombre Reptiles.mp3
    File070. Sweet & Lynch - Unified.mp3
    File071. Herman Frank - Run Boy Run.mp3
    File072. Tower of Babel - Once Again.mp3
    File073. Styx - The Greater Good.mp3
    File074. SpiteFuel - Adamah's Tribes.mp3
    File075. Shadowman - Face the Night.mp3
    File076. UFO - Mississippi Queen.mp3
    File077. The Birthday Massacre - Games.mp3
    File078. Wylde Zeppelin - Good times bad times.mp3
    File079. The Night Flight Orchestra - Josephine.mp3
    File080. Obey the Brave - Low Key.mp3
    File081. Wednesday 13 - Omen Amen.mp3
    File082. Stormburst - Raised on Rock.mp3
    File083. Eskimo Callboy - Shallows.mp3
    File084. Motion Device - We Are The Ones.mp3
    File085. Adrenaline Mob - What You're Made Of.mp3
    File086. Sinner - Tequila Suicide.mp3
    File087. Living Colour - Pattern in Time.mp3
    File088. Quiet Riot - Renegades.mp3
    File089. Wraith - Revelation.mp3
    File090. Sideburn - Give Me a Sign.mp3
    File091. Spite - Kingdom of Guts.mp3
    File092. Inglorious - No Good For You.mp3
    File093. The Cranberries - Ode to My Family (Acoustic Version).mp3
    File094. Romero - Rainbow in the Dark.mp3
    File095. Ratchet Dolls - Sex Game.mp3
    File096. EZoo - Too High to Be Falling.mp3
    File097. John Mellencamp - You Are Blind.mp3
    File098. Furious zoo - You Lie.mp3
    File099. Crazy Lixx - Wild Child.mp3
    File100. Through Fire - Blood On My Hands.mp3
    File101. Jupiter Falls - Its Your Problem Now.mp3
    File102. Sideburn - Long Road to Paradise.mp3
    File103. Thunder - The Enemy Inside.mp3
    File104. Mammothor - Blood-Soaked Candy Heart.mp3
    File105. The Asif Outlaws - Break the Key.mp3
    File106. Sunroad - Craft of Whirlwinds.mp3
    File107. Chickenfoot - Get It Up (Live in Phoenix 2009).mp3
    File108. Smash Hit Combo - New Challenger.mp3
    File109. Blackwater Conspiracy - President Joe.mp3
    File110. I'LL BE DAMNED - Right for the Money.mp3
    File111. Abbygail - Something Wrong in Your Head.mp3
    File112. Pinnacle Point - What Will It Take.mp3
    File113. Maverick - Asylum.mp3
    File114. Bonfire - Friedensreich.mp3
    File115. The Ghost Peppers - Clear as Day.mp3
    File116. Secret Sphere - The Awakening.mp3
    File117. Riot - Violent Crimes.mp3
    File118. Vandroya - Why Should We Say Goodbye.mp3
    File119. Zonata - Buried Alive.mp3
    File120. Black Top - Travel Pussy.mp3
    File121. Black Diamonds - This Is a Love Story.mp3
    File122. Supreme Majesty - Two Against Many.mp3
    File123. Dreamstoria - Through The Fire.mp3
    File124. Pride Of Lions - The Tell.mp3
    File125. Anthem - Awake.mp3
    File126. King Company - Coming Back To Life.mp3
    File127. Mastermind - Freedom Fighter.mp3
    File128. Blood God - Lovemaker.mp3
    File129. Rainbow - Sensitive To Light.mp3
    File130. Cheap Trick - The Flame (Live at the Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada 1995).mp3
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