Mastering Project Management Integration and Scope

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    Mastering Project Management Integration and Scope

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    Mastering Project Management Integration and Scope


    Dietmar Sokowski, "Mastering Project Management Integration and Scope: A Framework for Strategizing and Defining Project Objectives and Deliverables"
    English | ISBN: 0133886425 | 2015 | EPUB/PDF | 320 pages | 10 MB/20 MB

    Mastering Project Management Integration and Scope gives managers powerful insights and tools for addressing the most crucial success factor in any project: completely and accurately defining project objectives and deliverables, and transforming your definitions into effective requirements and an integrated project plan.

    This book is part of a new series of six cutting-edge project management guides for both working practitioners and students. Like all books in this series, it offers deep practical insight into the successful design, management, and control of complex modern projects. Using real case studies and proven applications, expert authors show how multiple functions and disciplines can and must be integrated to achieve a successful outcome.

    Individually, these books focus on realistic, actionable solutions, not theory. Together, they provide comprehensive guidance for working project managers at all levels, as well as indispensable knowledge for anyone pursuing PMI/PMBOK certification or other accreditation in the field.

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