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    Folder1. Getting Started
    Folder10. The Develop Module Introduction
    Folder11. The Develop Module Using The Basic Panel
    Folder12. The Develop Module Using The Tool Strip Tools
    Folder13.The Develop Module Using The Adjustment Brush
    Folder14. The Develop Module Modifying Tone Curve
    Folder15. The Develop Module Using HSL And Color
    Folder16. The Develop Module Converting To Grayscale
    Folder17. The Develop Module Split Toning
    Folder18. The Develop Module Improving Details
    Folder19. The Develop Module Creating Vignettes
    Folder2. Setting The Stage
    Folder20. The Develop Module Using Camera Calibration
    Folder21. Develop Module Workflows
    Folder22. Slideshows
    Folder23. Printing
    Folder24. Web Options
    Folder3. The Library Importing Images
    Folder4. The Library Essentials
    Folder5. The Library Processing Images
    Folder6. The Library Organizing Images
    Folder7. The Library Working With Metadata
    Folder8. The Library Finding And Sorting With Filters
    Folder9. The Library Exporting Images
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