Battle Beast

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    FolderBattle Beast
    Folder2011 Steel
    File09. Savage And Saint.mp3
    File02. Armageddon Clan.mp3
    File03. The Band Of The Hawk.mp3
    File01. Enter The Metal World.mp3
    File05. Steel.mp3
    File08. Show Me How To Die.mp3
    File10. Iron Hand.mp3
    File07. Cyberspace.mp3
    File11. Victory.mp3
    File06. Die-Hard Warrior.mp3
    File04. Justice And Metal.mp3
    Folder2015 Unholy Savior
    File02. Unholy Savior.mp3
    File05. Sea Of Dreams.mp3
    File01. Lionheart.mp3
    File06. Speed And Danger.mp3
    File03. I Want The World... And Everything In It.mp3
    File07. Touch In The Night.mp3
    File04. Madness.mp3
    File10. Far Far Away.mp3
    File11. Angel Cry.mp3
    File12. Push It To The Limit (Bonus Track).mp3
    File09. Hero’s Quest.mp3
    File08. The Black Swordsman.mp3
    Folder2013 Battle Beast
    File06. Into The Heart Of Danger.mp3
    File13. Rain Man.mp3
    File09. Kingdom.mp3
    File07. Machine Revolution.mp3
    File04. Neuromancer.mp3
    File12. Black Ninja.mp3
    File02. Out Of Control.mp3
    File14. Shutdown (Bonus Track).mp3
    File01. Let It Roar.mp3
    File03. Out On The Streets.mp3
    File05. Raven.mp3
    File11. Fight, Kill, Die.mp3
    File10. Over The Top.mp3
    File08. Golden Age.mp3
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