B-Real (of Cypress Hill) - Discography

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    FolderB-Real (of Cypress Hill) - Discography
    Folder1. Albums
    Folder1. Smoke N Mirrors (2009)
    File01. Smoke N Mirrors feat. Bo Roc.mp3
    File02. Gangsta Music feat. Bo Roc.mp3
    File03. Don't Ya Dare Laugh feat. Xzibit & Young De.mp3
    File04. Everything U Want feat. Buckshot.mp3
    File05. 6 Minutes feat. Young De & Tekneek.mp3
    File06. Psycho Realm Revolution feat. Sick Jacken.mp3
    File07. Fire feat. Damian Marley.mp3
    File08. 10 Steps Behind feat. Young De & Tekneek.mp3
    File09. Get That Dough feat. Babydoll Refresh.mp3
    File10. Dr. Hyphenstein feat. Snoop Dogg, Young De & Trace Midas.mp3
    File11. Stack'n Paper.mp3
    File12. I Life feat. Sen Dog & Male Verde.mp3
    File13. Dude vs. Homie.mp3
    File14. When They Hate You feat. Babydoll Refresh.mp3
    File15. When Were Fucking feat. Too Short, Kurupt & Young De.mp3
    Folder2. Mixtapes
    Folder1. The Gunslinger (2005)
    File01. Never Back Down ft. Willie Malo & O Brown.mp3
    File02. Ease Back ft. Trace Midas.mp3
    File03. Let Me Blaze.mp3
    File04. Hold You Down ft. Sick Jacken & Mellow Man Ace.mp3
    File05. Creepin On Ya ft. Son Doobie & Cynic.mp3
    File06. Warriors.mp3
    File07. This Is How We Ride.mp3
    File08. Runnin Shit.mp3
    File09. Por Que ft. Trace Midas.mp3
    File10. No Model ft. Son Doobie & Filthee.mp3
    File11. Thug Nation ft. Willie Malo & Nev.mp3
    File12. American Psycho III ft. Bizarre & Eminem.mp3
    File13. Back To The Apple.mp3
    File14. Boom Boom ft. Outthere.mp3
    File15. Skit.mp3
    File16. Shut The Fuck Up ft. Subliminal Orphans.mp3
    File17. Time To Be Known ft. Minus P.mp3
    File18. Breathe ft. Sub Zero.mp3
    Folder2. The Gunslinger Part II - Fist Full Of Dollars (2006)
    File01. The Gunslinger Intro.mp3
    File02. Fist Full Of Dollars.mp3
    File03. Body Somethin' ft. Alchemist.mp3
    File04. The Take Over ft. O Brown & Willie Malo.mp3
    File05. The Hustle ft. Trace Midas.mp3
    File06. Drop That Shit ft. Willie Malo & Son Doobie.mp3
    File07. Incredible.mp3
    File08. Listen To Me ft. Willie Malo & Son Doobie.mp3
    File09. Put On Your Vest ft. Defari.mp3
    File10. Breathe ft. Crow of ''Street Platoon''.mp3
    File11. L.A. Bangers.mp3
    File12. Teflon Killas ft. Willie Malo & Son Doobie.mp3
    File13. The Set Up ft. Willie Malo & O Brown.mp3
    File14. Lay U Flat ft. Proof of ''D12''.mp3
    File15. U Can't Win ft. Outthere.mp3
    File16. Phoenix.mp3
    File17. Flash Kharma ft. Everlast & Chace Infinite.mp3
    File18. Family Ties (Remix) ft. Son Doobie, XL, Sen Dog, Sick Jack, Willie Malo & Everlast.mp3
    File19. Saturday Night (Remix) ft. Trace Miday, Krodon & Xzibit.mp3
    Folder3. The Gunslinger Part III - For A Few Dollars More (2007)
    File01. Ride.mp3
    File02. Trust No Man ft. Sick Jacken & Synic.mp3
    File03. Deathwish 2.mp3
    File04. Motivation.mp3
    File05. 4 The Love Of The Game.mp3
    File06. Galor.mp3
    File07. Hustle Hard.mp3
    File08. Venenoso ft. Viviana & Willie Malo.mp3
    File09. Just Money ft. Willie Malo.mp3
    File10. Fist Full Of Dollars (Remix).mp3
    File11. Sky's The Limit.mp3
    File12. Bounce With Us.mp3
    File13. Thug Life.mp3
    File14. U Can't See.mp3
    File15. So Much Time ft. Trace Midas & Young De.mp3
    Folder4. The Harvest Vol. 1 (2010)
    File01. Dr. Of Death feat. Xplicit.mp3
    File02. Certified feat. Provokal & Young De.mp3
    File03. Crop Circles feat. Grand Architect.mp3
    File04. Texas Hold Em feat. Myko & Young De.mp3
    File05. Takeover feat. Adil Omar & Young De.mp3
    File06. Streets Wanna Know feat. Yama & Young De.mp3
    File07. We On It feat. Los Angels Crew.mp3
    File08. Gotta Get It feat. Stitch & Young De.mp3
    File09. Me feat. Venom.mp3
    File10. Money Maker feat. Squat.mp3
    File11. Dues Paid feat. L.O.C..mp3
    File12. Ain't Sayin Nothing feat. Flux.mp3
    File13. Are U Ready feat. Aygee.mp3
    File14. Step Back feat. Weez.mp3
    File15. Get Up feat. 745.mp3
    File16. No Competition feat. Victory & Young De.mp3
    File17. At Your Own Risk feat. Akalmu & Young De.mp3
    File18. Reckon feat. Acism.mp3
    File19. Ride Out feat. Sikadime & Young De.mp3
    File20. Hustler feat. Luke The Dook & Young De.mp3
    Folder5. Serial Killers Vol. 1 (with Xzibit & Demrick) (2013)
    File01. First 48.mp3
    File02. Wanted.mp3
    File03. Dickies & Bandanas (feat. Kurupt).mp3
    File04. In The Sky.mp3
    File05. Doctor's In (feat. Hopsin).mp3
    File06. Whatever Cuz (feat. Goldie Locc).mp3
    File07. Legends Never Die (feat. Easy MoneyST).mp3
    File08. Worst Nightmare.mp3
    File09. Get 2 It.mp3
    File10. Six Billion Ways.mp3
    File11. No Comin' Back.mp3
    File12. Laugh Now (feat. Jon Connor).mp3
    File13. Eaten Alive.mp3
    File14. Angels Come Calling.mp3
    Folder6. The Medication (with Lenny Ducano) (2014)
    File01. Intro (The Medication).mp3
    File02. Come Round Get High.mp3
    File03. Five To Roll It Up (feat. Sheiky Barbarino).mp3
    File04. Kush From The Bong.mp3
    File05. Stoned Izm.mp3
    File06. High On Kush.mp3
    File07. Wake Up Light Another.mp3
    File08. Blunted With Greenthumb.mp3
    File09. Recipe For High Times (feat. Sheiky Barbarino).mp3
    File10. Let Me In.mp3
    Folder7. Prohibition (with Berner) (2014)
    File01. Prohibition (Intro).mp3
    File02. Shatter.mp3
    File03. Faded feat. Snoop Dogg & Vital.mp3
    File04. I Hit feat. Devin the Dude.mp3
    File05. Breeze feat. Wiz Khalifa.mp3
    File06. Xanax & Patron feat. Demrick.mp3
    File07. Smokers.mp3
    File08. Strong feat. Wiz Khalifa.mp3
    Folder8. The Prescription (2015)
    File01. B-Real - Stix & Stones ft. Ab-Soul.mp3
    File02. B-Real - All Black Everything ft. Snow Tha Product & Demrick.mp3
    File03. B Real - Mile High.mp3
    File04. B-Real - Only When I'm High (La La La La).mp3
    File05. B-Real - Kush Conversation ft. Demrick.mp3
    File06. Dr. Greenthumb - Dabs ft. Dizzy Wright.mp3
    File07. Dr. Greenthumb - Sack ft. A$AP Ferg & Jazz Lazer.mp3
    File08. Dr. Greenthumb - Start A Fire.mp3
    File09. Dr. Greenthumb - Zip.mp3
    File10. Dr. Greenthumb - Money Up On It.mp3
    File11. Dr. Greenthumb - Anybody ft. Snoop Dogg & KingFly (Bonus).mp3
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