Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 5

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    FolderAlfred Hitchcock Presents Season 5
    FileS05E21 Hitch Hike.avi
    FileS05E02 The Crystal Trench.avi
    FileS05E01 Arthur.avi
    FileS05E14 Graduating Class.avi
    FileS05E31 I Can Take Care Of Myself.avi
    FileS05E24 Madame Mystery.avi
    FileS05E08 The Blessington Method.avi
    FileS05E19 Not The Running Type.avi
    FileS05E27 The Cuckoo Clock.avi
    FileS05E15 The Man From The South.avi
    FileS05E07 Dry Run.avi
    FileS05E06 Anniversary Gift.avi
    FileS05E05 No Pain.avi
    FileS05E10 Special Delivery.avi
    FileS05E29 The Hero.avi
    FileS05E11 Road Hog.avi
    FileS05E16 The Ikon Of Eliaha.avi
    FileS05E28 Forty Detectives Later.avi
    FileS05E12 Specialty Of The House.avi
    FileS05E04 Coyote Moon.avi
    FileS05E09 Dead Weight.avi
    FileS05E30 Insomnia.avi
    FileS05E18 Backward, Turn Backward.avi
    FileS05E22 Across The Threshold.avi
    FileS05E36 Letter Of Credit.avi
    FileS05E17 The Cure.avi
    FileS05E20 The Day Of The Bullet.avi
    FileS05E34 Cell 227.avi
    FileS05E33 Party Line.avi
    FileS05E26 Mother May I Go Out To Swim.avi
    FileS05E23 Craig's Will.avi
    FileS05E25 The Little Man Who Was There.avi
    FileS05E32 One Grave Too Many.avi
    FileS05E38 Hooked.avi
    FileS05E37 Escape To Sonoita.avi
    FileS05E03 Appointment At Eleven.avi
    FileS05E35 The Schartz-Metterklume Method.avi
    FileS05E13 An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge.avi
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    Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 5

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    Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense hosts his own television show, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". Hitchcock introduced the show which was then followed by a short half an hour episode which contained, suspense, horror and humour. After the story, Hitchcock would come back and end the show

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