Star vs. the Forces of Evil
    TV Series
    An interdimensional princess, from the kingdom of Mewni, named Star Butterfly is sent to a new dimension, the Earth dimension, to learn how to use her newest possession, the royal family wand, and she finds help along the way meeting an Earth boy named Marco Diaz, and she lives with Marco and his parents causing all kinds of interdimensional mischief.
    Rating: Rating: 7.9/10 (12.7K)
    time Duration: 22 Minutes
    Calender Release Date: Jan 18, 2015
    Country: USA,Spain,UK,Mexico,Japan
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    • Stars: Eden Sher, Adam McArthur, Grey Griffin
    • Plot Keywords: controversy, female protagonist, heir to the throne, heiress, mewni
    • Production Company: Morena Films,Televisión Española (TVE),Canal Sur Televisión

    Star Butterfly arrives on Earth to live with the Diazes, a Mexican-American family. She continues to battle villains throughout the universe and high school, mainly to protect her extremely powerful wand, an object that still confuses her.

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